Wednesday, 21 March 2012

√2 sin 5 x -1 = 0

√2 sin 5 x = 1

sin 5x = 1/√2

5x = 3π/4 +- 2πn     or      5x = π/4 +- 2πn

x = 3π/20 +- 2πn/5, n E Z        x= π/20 +- 2πn/5 , n E Z

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  1. Excellent work, Kaily! The only thing that needs to be fixed is that when you divide through by the 5, the 2πn gets hit by that too, so that in the final answers, at the very end of both, it should be +-2πn/5, nEZ. And by the way I LOVE that you did one answer in blue and one in red. Reminds me of something,...hmm what could it be?